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Already using another software?

We are ready to transfer all your existing data from your present to Solarnet software. We accept your data in any of following formats:

  • csv
  • XML
  • Excel

In other way, you can always easily download any data customized by you from Solarnet Booking System in .csv, .xls and .pdf formats. There is no problem for us to get your data and import it to SBS even in any other provided format. Just let us know, what software are you currently using and we will come back to you with our vision.

Finally, we are ready to customize all your downloadable data to be in same format as you have now. Even, if layout comes from your present software.

Yes, we are flexible.

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Request a demo

We are providing a demo/intro for our new clients with a possibility to ask any questions during a session. In case of demo request, we set up an appointment for a meeting in Skype / Slack or any other similar software that provides a screen sharing.

Our manager will provide you an answer to any question you have regarding the software. In case of demo meeting we will know your agency better and would help with a system setup that covers all your agency needs. We will send you a short checklist before a conference so we can prepare everything before.

Please feel free to send us a demo request through contact form on a homepage of our website and we will come back to you shortly.

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